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Gibraltar Point Lighthouse from Chapter 203 of Robertson's Landmarks of Toronto by J. Ross Robertson, Toronto
Gibraltar Point Lighthouse from Chapter 203 of Robertson’s Landmarks of Toronto, by J. Ross Robertson, Toronto

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Valerie Elizabeth Mackin


I was born in Toronto 1948, lived on the island for 6 years. My father built 9 ojibwy, my aunt and uncle lived on Hanlans, their house is now under the airport. We visited the island in 2004 and had lunch in 9 Ojibwy. Any information that I may have I will do my best to give. My fathers name is Leslie Fletcher my Aunt was Aline Stoddart.
Look forward to being of help.
Valerie Mackin

Joy marilyn_Anne Pierce


Joy Pierce lived on hooper ave. For three years mid-40s. Attended the island school grade 2, 4 and 5. Remember Matt Lawless and Gail Johnston from Wyandot ave. Algonquin . Now am Joy Friesen and live in Oakville



I believe during the 70s there was a major Rock performance show concert on the island does everybody have any information about this

Kathryn Stock


Just sent an email to you and will leave a comment here as well. I am looking for information on 80 Lake Shore which was owned by Thomas Flynn for many years until his death at age 92 in 1924. The email has some additional information. Thanks for your help and congrats on your project!

Joe Redican


Hello: there are people who do work on this site who may have access to the info. I am not able to do research until after Dec. 1st and am happy to do that if you do not get an answer in the meantime.

Joe Redican
8 Lakeshore
Wards island

Cynthia Piercy-Hill


I’m looking for information on Capt. Joseph Goodwin and his family, who ran ferries and freight to and from the Island and eventually ran some of the first fire boats. I found a lease “for the season” rental of 175 Breakwater Ave, but I can’t figure out where Breakwater Ave was. Can anyone assist with that?

Joseph Redican


Hi Wendy:

I know from past experience that finding evidence of a family’s residency on the islands is difficult. There were community records of a sort….local papers, newsletters etc…and some of these survive in archives or private collections,,,but there were no directories etc. This is complicated by the fact that most of the places at Wards were summer only until the 1960’s. Your father’s family may have had a residence in the city and summered on the island.

Having said that, you might check the city directories…telephone and street…and see if you can find something. These are available at the central library on Yonge north of Bloor and likely in the family history room at the Library’s North York building.

Good luck.

Joe Redican

wendy Oke


My father told me he lived on Ward’s Island, but I have no information on the address or the dates. (1930’s or 40’s I suspect). The family name was Hamilton, Wm. Sr. and wife Elizabeth. My father’s name was Wm. Jr. (Bill) Hamilton. Please advise if you have any records that would assist in my genealogy search. Thank you.
Wendy Oke

slorowing1Ted English


Patricia: Send me an e-mail, and I can give you some suggestions. What was your mother’s “Island” name, and during what years did she reside on the Island at what address, etc. Give me your telephone number and I can call you.

Patricia McVicars


Good day,
My mother; Diane Martin tells me that her happiest memories of her childhood was the time she spent living on the island. Apparently, there are a few pictures of her as a young girl, in ‘The Islander’ newspaper.
I am hoping to find a few pictures and information and create a book for her to present on her upcoming 80th birthday (July 22). Where could I go to look through the collection and is it possible to copy some of the pictures and stories? Although I live in North Bay; I would make a trip to Toronto.
Thank you

Joe Redican


Delighted to see this site developing. I am a historian, island descendant and now living on the island. I will be glad to help.

Joe Redican
8 Lakeshore, Wards Island

Don Cale


Well done on the Island homes Murray, I went to school with your sister. Does anybody have pictures of the homes on Hanlan’s Point or Center?

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