Toronto Islands resident to row across Atlantic

Toronto Islands resident to row across Atlantic

Toronto Islands resident to row across the Atlantic

  • Created by: Globe and Mail
  • By-line: Ian Merringer, Special to the Globe and Mail
  • Photogrph by: Fernndo Morales
  • Date: 7 Jan 2011
  • Provenance: Scanned and assembled by Ted English from an original copy
  • Notes:
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Toronto Rowing Club

Toronto Rowing Club

Sunday Morning At The Toronto Rowing Club

Created By: The Toronto World, from a fragment of the original 1905 newspaper

Date: 08-27-1905

Provenance: From the archives of Ted English

Comment: My best guess is that Eddie Durnan is pictured at right standing on stern of boat and “Doc” Durnan is first on left, standing, suited, with “skimmer”

Edward “Ed” Durnan, Great Sculler

Edward “Ed” Durnan, Great Sculler
Death’s Call Comes Suddenly To Former Sculling Champion, Edward “Ed” Durnan
  • Created by: Toronto Telegram
  • Date: 1928-05-28
  • Provenance: From the collection of Ted English, digitized by Eric Zhelka
  • Notes: Obituary

Island Canoe Club 1943

I.C.C. 1943

Island Canoe Club 1943 Documents: Original History of the Island Canoe Club & Otterburn Boating Club: 23rd Annual Regatta, Programme & Score Card; & Montreal Daily Star newspaper clipping Date: 6 Aug 1943 Provenance: From the archives of Ed Guthrie Digitized by: Ed Guthrie, from his collection of Island clippings. [sz-drive-embed type=”image” id=”0ByW4oZblv9f6NTZfLVRSamNuaEE”/] [sz-drive-embed type=”image” …