The Death of Sculler Johnny Durnan

The Death of Sculler Johnny Durnan ( 2 pages)

Provenance: From the archives of Ted English

Digitized by: Ted English

Document: The Telegram, from an original copy

Date: 10 Dec 1966

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K.Donald Cale 608 Lakeshore Ave. Hanlan's Point. EMpire 8-9024


I worked a few summers at the boathouse, in the rental cage, on the launch and recovery deck and the bike rental. Johnny and Emily always treated we kids with respect. Crawling under the boathouse from the water side to under the deck in front of the snack bar most always netted a few dollars of change having dropped through between the deck boards. Yahoo, coke and ice-cream all day. Johnny most always had the stub of a cigar parked in the corner of his mouth but I never recall it being lit.
Any sandbar kids coming to Nova Scotia are welcome to contact me for a chat or visit. Don Cale 902-883-9575. I’m halfway between Truro and Halifax about 10 minutes off the 102 main highway.

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