News from the Archives v01-2

Albert Fulton’s News from the Archives Newsletter Collection

News from the Archives v01-2

  • Created by: Albert Fulton
  • Date: 1992-05-25
  • Provenance: Collected by various members of Toronto Island Connections group
  • Notes: scanned and removal of foxing by Edward English, OCR by Eric Zhelka, PDF by Eric Light; v01-2

News from the Archives MONDAY, MAY 25, 1992 1. CONTEST ANSWERS 1. The original residents who are still living in their houses are Jack Lye (1 Nottawa) and Charlie & Kay Millen (15 Dacotah). 2. The first new houses to be built (in 1938) were 3 Seneca (Walter & Kathleen Howell) and 7 Wyandot (John & Lucille Kirby). 3. Bill Condie and his daughter Muriel Bailey occupied 30 Omaha for 53 years (1931 to 1983 inclusive). This house had previously been owned (among others) by Lol Solman, entrepreneur extraordinaire (Toronto Ferry Company, Hanlans Point Amusement Park, Royal Alexandra Theatre, Maple Leaf Stadium, Sunnyside, etc!). 4. The houses built on vacant lots (i.e. not moved from West Island Drive) were 2,10,12,16 Omaha, 1,5,7,9 Wyandot, and 1,3,5,9,31 Seneca. 5. The neighbours on both West Island Drive and Algonquin were 13&15 Wyandot (Bliss & Plunkett), 34&36 Omaha (Briggs & Langlois), 23&25 Seneca (Gabel & Norris), 33&35 Seneca (McComb & Craig). 6. The winner, Adam Zhelka, correctly identified 19 of the 31 houses. David Hustler was the first to correctly answer Contest #1, and the others stumped everybody! Congratulations, Adam and David! Adams prize is a framed 8×10 photo of 22 Omaha when it was still located at 57 West Island Drive. I am placing an order for this and a few others with the Harbour Commission Archives; if you would like one of your house, let me know before June 1. 2. Your copy of the Crombie Report awaits you at the spectacular offices and display area on the fifth floor of Queens Quay Terminal (take the elevator with a view at the south end). Joanna Kidd contributed about 100 of the 530 pages, including a section on the Island. The report contains several Island photos and is free of charge. A copy may be borrowed from the Archives. 3. If you havent already, take a peak into the next Real Estate News box that you pass. The front page of the May 22 issue features a beautiful Island painting by Brian Jones, one of two of his in the current Market Gallery exhibition (upstairs at the north end of St Lawrence Market). His 1987 painting of the Thomas Rennie and a black willow was issued as a poster by the City of Toronto Archives. 4. GLEANINGS FROM GARBAGE Recently scavenged from Algonquin Island Garbage are books inscribed with the names of William Condie and Sean OSullivan. Bill Condie (of Contest #3 fame) was Secretary of the West Island Drive Association and was intimately involved in the arrangements for the migration to Algonquin Island. Copies of much of his correspondence on the matter are in the Archives. The Sean OSullivan book was the 1968 Diefenbaker biography, The Chief, autographed by The Chief himself, and inscribed as a gift from Sean OSullivan to his best friend, Marc Giacomelli. Sean OSullivan was in many ways Diefs protege and was (I think) the youngest M.P. ever elected. He later entered the priesthood and died of leukemia at age 37 in 1989. Marc & Anne Giacomelli and their 6 cats lived on Algonquin Island from 1969 to 1972, and earlier this month Mr. Giacomelli helped organize a fund- raising dinner at the Royal York in Father OSullivans memory. This book is no ordinary piece of garbage! Please, PLEASE, if you are about to discard old books, newsletters, clippings, before it rains! ephemera, etc etc, let me know in advance so that I can do my scavenging 5. Kathleen had me squirming in my seat last night during the telling of her children stories. You can catch her gripping monologue (with a cast of 20) at Theatre Passe Muraille at 8 until Wednesday. Call to reserve–the house was packed last night. PRECIPITOUS Written and performed by Kathleen McDonnell Directed by Rebecca Cann Designed by Michel Charbonneau *Stage management by Susann Casasanta Thanks to: Alec Farquhar, Debbie ORourke, A Space Gallery, Francine Volker, Wendy Springate The birth teams and assistants: Holliday Tyson, Howard Krieger, Vicki van Wagner, Judi Pustil, Carmen Price, Ann Lacey, Peter Dewdney, Barb Young, Bruce Rosensweet, Marie Makinson, Mary Anderson, Lorraine Filyer, Julie Bates, Julia Oldenburg, Martha Farquhar-McDonnell, Ivy Farquhar-McDonnell, Lizzy Dewdney, Carla Rose Anderson. Precipitous is a womens true tale of standing at the edge and reaching for the peak: not your average birth story. * Appears courtesy Canadian Actors Equity Association ( SERIES C: SUN., MAY 24TH – WED., MAY 27TH 8:00 P.M. ) ALGONQUIN ISLAND ARCHIVES c/o Albert Fulton 5 Ojibway Ave Toronto M5J 2C9 362-2171 or 537-5006

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